Email Marketing Solutions

Email marketing is faster, measurable and highly cost effective compared to traditional direct marketing. The efficient information sharing solutions of Commerce Bee enables you to create create, send, track and autorespond surveys and events, besides instantly connecting the customers through live text chat, live video chat and Instant messengers. Various customized surveys help you to gather relevant data more precisely and increase your sales more effectively.

Key Benefits
  • Built-in features and report generation facilities to enable you to concentrate more on highly potential customers with personalized service.
  • Dozens of beautifully created industry-specific email templates with suitable images to create your email campaigns.
  • These campaigns can be formatted by changing the text, font and images according to the needs.
  • Communicate effectively with your customers through various online campaigns and promotions.
  • Understand customers’ preferences by tracking mails sent to them and checking their feed-back.
  • “Unsubscribe” link for the benefit of disinterested customers to enable you to save time and energy by not repeating your mails to them.
  • Spam filters that identifies the “Spam” keywords to enable you to eliminate them in your mail.
  • Autoresponder facility to categorize your contact list on various parameters and accordingly schedule the sending of emails at different timings.
  • Create multiple, sequential autoresponder emails for each of your contact lists.
  • Split Testing feature to find out which of your email campaigns has kindled more response and produced the most desired results.
  • Automatic Event logging facility to analyze your campaigns by automatically logging the actions of the customers.
  • Email Open report to clearly identify how many people actually opened and read the email.
  • Link Click Tracking facility to analyze when and which links were clicked by the customers and who have shown more interests in your products so that you can do the follow up accordingly.
  • Unsubscribed report to analyze the success of each email campaign and accordingly make the necessary changes in the campaigns.
  • Automatically process and remove bounced emails to ensure your contact list always remains live and active.
  • Compare the ratio between the unsubscribed rate relative to open and bounced mails reports for each campaigns.
  • Integrating with Google Analytics to monitor your website traffic and marketing effectiveness of your email campaigns and automatically alert you of significant changes in data patterns.