Product Features
Content Management

Commerce Bee offers fully-featured Ecommerce solutions for “Content Management” that has been developed with keeping in mind non-technical users, who do not possess any technical knowledge, to create and completely maintain Ecommerce websites with ease. The user friendly content management systems offers a multitude of features to create different types of content, layout customization with simple drag and drop facilities.

Key Benefits
  • Comprehensive web content management solutions to create a personalized Ecommerce websites.
  • Easy navigation facilities with integration of different contact/feedback forms.
  • Dozens of beautiful website templates with built-in image gallery to choose from.
  • Create different types of content by simply choosing from the available menus.
  • Publish content directly and maintain a more informative, accurate and relevant Ecommerce website according to your taste.
  • Manage dynamic, database-driven content and define your own business rules with ultimate flexibility.
  • Easy to use interfaces to target information to the right group at the right time.
  • Plug in facility to provide dynamic content such as news, events and products and services offerings and modify.
  • WYSIWYG editor to modify or create content as and when you require.
  • Define permission levels to authorise contribution and editing.
  • Edit specific content from the control panel in just one click.
  • Ensure that the right content is published with the change and review process.
  • Customize not only pages and forms. Even products demonstration videos can be customized.
  • Schedule dynamic content such as news, jobs, and events to come online or offline at scheduled dates and times.
  • Enable visitors to find the information they are looking for easily with integrated search features.
  • Provides powerful integration features with Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook etc.
Key Features

Add, subtract or set fixed price for each option
Admin can set a fixed price for the each product displayed in the store and also add or subtract the price of each product.


Call for pricing option
The customers can directly call the administrator and get the price of the product.


Did you mean? suggestions
The application has been designed to identify the spelling mistakes in search phrases when the customers search for the products and suggest alternative spellings, similar to Google’s “Did You Mean” feature.


100% browser based
The online store is 100% browser based and it can be easily integrated with any server to enable easy browsing for the organisations.


Add options without affecting existing products
Admin can add and update the features of a product as and when required without affecting the existing products in the store.


Add photos from your computer or a website
Admin can simply upload the photos to the store from the system or the website as and when required.


Add products to unlimited categories
Admin can add unlimited categories of products to the store as and when required.


Add, subtract or set fixed weight for each option
Admin can set a fixed weight for the each product displayed in the store and also add or subtract the weight of each product.


Advanced search options
The customers can use advanced search options to really drill down and filter search results by entering search keywords, filtering by brand, categories, price, featured products etc. and free shipping options.


Assign the variation to multiple products
Admin can use assign different variations to easily categorize and identify multiple products in the store.

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