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Design Management

Designs and layouts play an important role in developing a website. It is simply not just the colours and styles that matter, but the entire design and layout should reflect the true image of your company. It has to be designed in such a way the customers should distinctly recognize the styles integrated into your website. With professionally designed layouts Commerce Bee will ensure that the brand image of your company makes an everlasting impressions in the minds of the customers.

Key Benefits
  • Design solutions that best suit your business model and target market.
  • Exclusive template designs with easy navigation facilities.
  • Uniform customized page headings to let each page heading match your custom design.
  • Ensures your website bears a stamp of classic look and feel.
  • Templates are designed with utmost care to make customers revisit the site again and again.
  • Uniquely designed navigational links are displayed throughout the site to enable customers easily access various features.
  • Customized graphic designs that provide a special look and recognition to the products.
  • Display products of interest based on the specific categories that results in greater sale of the products.
  • Professional web designs that eeffectively communicate your marketing message to your customer base.
  • Integrate custom web design custom design project as a powerful supplement to traditional marketing media to build valuable branding for your company.
Key Features

60+ professional store designs
The application ha been designed with over 60 store designs and layouts to suit every retail business. The store designs are developed keeping in mind to maximize the sales of the stores.


Change website text using your mouse
Admin can simply change the text in the website by clicking the mouse.


Drag and drop layout customization
Admin can easily customize the stores according to their taste by dragging the options and placing it in the desired place using the mouse.


Easily integrate your existing design
Admin can easily integrate the available designs with the existing designs of the store using the user friendly application.


Edit email templates from control panel
Admin can easily edit the available Email templates accordingly to send to the customer or the vendor.


Edit HTML and CSS in your browser
Admin can easily edit the HTML and CSS pages from the browser through the source page.


Edit HTML and CSS via FTP
Admin can easily edit the HTML and CSS pages from the File transfer protocol through the FTP tool.


Optimized usability
The application has been designed to provide optimized usability features that increases the number of visits, transactions and sales and decreases the cost of errors and user support. Optimizing the usability features increases customer loyalty and greatly improves perception of the store.


Template comparison (diff) tool
wecan easily find comparison between the templates in our store design.


Upload a logo or use the logo editor
Admin can easily update a logo in the store design and also edit the already updated logo using the logo tool.

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