Product Features
Customer Management

Customers are the pillars upon which the business is built upon. Customer service is an important aspect in establishing one’s identity and optimizing the service at every level is imperative to win customer loyalty. Commerce Bee “Customer Management ‘ solutions comes with a vast selection of capabilities and user-friendly features with reliability and functionality that helps you to satisfy your customers’ needs and thereby increases the retention rates.

Key Benefits
  • Simple and easy navigation facilities.
  • Need to enter your information only once and Ecommerce application will maintain your information.
  • Select any product from any page in the webstore with just one click.
  • Maintain the history of your transactions including complete order history including product stock codes and pricing.
  • Build your list of favorite products.
  • Send a link to any product in the catalog to a friend.
  • Option to edit your orders before finalisng on the purcahses.
  • Create an unlimited number of billing and shipping addresses for their convenience and accordingly check the billing and shipping information that want to use for the particular order.
  • Smooth authorization process for “Return Materials”.
  • Friendly interface to check out smoothly without any confusion and ensure a secure checkout process.
Key Features

Diverse customer groups
Create diverse customer groups based on different criteria such as age, sex, buying preferences, geographical locations etc.


Different pricing for each group
Fix different rates for different groups for various products.


Different discounts for each group
Offer different level of discounts for different groups for various products.


Align new customers with new group
Create a new group for the new customers and all new customers will be automatically aligned with the group by default.


Move customers between groups
Change customers between groups and reorganize groups.


Complete address book of customers
Maintain a complete list of addresses of all the customers.


Classify customers on various factors
Choose customers based on various parameter s and accordingly classify them.


Export customers on various factors
Export list of customer based on certain factors like their first name or last name or buying preference etc. to XML and CSV files.


Create unlimited customer groups
Create unlimited number of customer groups based on several criteria such as age, sex etc.


Import customers from CSV file
Import list of customers based on certain factors like names or locations from CSV file.