Product Features
Business Intelligence Management

Business intelligence reports provide past, current, and future views of business operations. The availability of valuable business intelligence reports with accurate statistics helps companies to take appropriate decisions at the right time to maximize profits and minimize the loss.

Commerce Bee “Business Intelligence” solutions helps you to run and administer various business processes that ably assist in streamlining the business and prepare factual business reports based on the business done over a particular period of time on various business related issues. These integrated Ecommerce business reports comprises of valuable data that allow companies to analyze their strategies and comprehensively make better business decisions to achieve more sales.

Key Benefits
  • Generate reports using templates to meet any requirement.
  • Easy business intelligence solution interface to analyze various issues and data across all departments.
  • Customize business intelligence reports in terms of both content and layout.
  • Deliver reports and information securely and simply.
  • Access any data source and transform the data into powerful dynamic report.
  • Perform on-line analysis and visualization and integrate to develop authentic report.
  • Generate multi-dimensional reports with combined data sources.
  • Create attractive graphs and charts from any data.
  • Generate business intelligence reports for data mining and customer segmentation.
  • Create target groups based on customer profiles and purchase histories.
  • Cross analyze customer purchases and service patterns.
  • Leverage on customer preferences and target them with special offers.
  • Publish any ad hoc report on the dashboard for viewing by all.
  • Analyze daily revenue and daily conversion rate.
  • Identify fast moving Product and the products that lack customer support.
  • Analyze orders by revenue. Products and locations.
  • Create product Reviews Report.
  • Integrate reports with Google Analytics.
Key Features

Best selling products
The application has been designed with the facility to analyse the best selling products in the store on the basis of the total quantity of sales. Admin can view and display the best selling products for the benefit of the customers.


25+ performance reports
The application has been designed to generate more than 25 Business Intelligence reports . These reports are generated on the basis of day to day performance on various parameters.


Popular products
The application has been designed to identify the popular products in the store based on the sale of the product to enable the admin to display them accordingly.


Best performing keywords
The application has been designed with best performing keywords for the products that are available in the store. Admin can display these keywords to enable the customers search better.


Top 20 customers
The application has been designed to identify the top 20 customers of the store based on the business transactions generated by them. Admin can accordingly categorise and provide additional benefits to them.


Daily conversion rate
The application has been designed to provide updated values of different currencies from time to time on a daily basis.


Inventory report
The application has been designed to monitor the inventory levels of all the products in the store and update the inventory report from time to time to enable the admin to reorder the products when necessary.


Customer locations (Google maps)
The application has been associated with Google maps to enable the admin to view the location of the customer.


Orders by revenue
Admin can reorder the products based on the revenue generated by the products. Accordingly admin can analyse the profit or loss made by the products and decide accordingly.


Orders by item sold
Admin can order the items according to the inventory level of the products.

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